About this collection

On a trip to Memphis, I visited a Brazilian Steakhouse for the first time. I was not prepared for the parade of meats to come. The steak, lamb, bison, grilled pineapple, pork, and even chicken hearts were all delicious. The servers do not stop the offerings until you flip your indicator to show you have had enough. It is hard to say no to the cavalcade of meat swords. It was glorious.

Then comes the moment in life where somehow the good you were caught up in takes a turn for the worse. I started to sweat. My breath felt labored and my stomach was angry. It almost felt like I was hallucinating. And that was the time that I got The Meat Sweats In Memphis.

There is a twisted beauty in the pieces with a mild hallucinogenic feel. Visuals of labored breath movement, heartburn, and variations of sweat are interspersed with the memory of the delicious meal. You may have never had the meat sweats, but I am sure there are pointed times in your life that connect with this moment.

This collection explores the emotional experience of a good thing transforming into something undesirable. This transition generates a swirl of emotions, a blend of shock, disappointment, confusion, and despair. The experience of being engaged in a tug of war between the reminiscence of what once was and the reality of the present. It serves as a reminder of the transient nature of experiences and expectations, leading to introspection about the dynamics of good and bad in our lives.

Also ... I really want to hear you say that you got The Meat Sweats In Memphis.

Display Notes


Every day each piece will drop some alkaseltzer if it is alkaseltezer_hour.


Once a week each piece will drink some pepto from 17:00 - 22:00 if it is pepto_day.

Here are the hot keys:

  • [ s ] - download a static PNG
  • [ a ] - get some immediate alkaseltzer relief
  • [ p ] - get some immediate pepto relief
  • [ x ] - stop relief
About the artist


With my art I am able to generate the part of me that I am not able to be.

Contrary to my art, I am not a living, breathing embodiment of these wild, provocative, and visual explorations. I am not able to be like what these are able to for me. I am introspective, quiet, and an introvert. I have a very dry sense of humor that I suppose is fairly evident ... to me. On the outside I appear to be a very serious and reserved person. My art is the part of me that craves to be heard, to express myself, to generate a self-portrait of my inner clown for the world to see in bold and unapologetic strokes.