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🌌 Embark on a Galactic Journey with "Search For Life" – Your Portal to a Procedurally Generated Universe 🌌 In the realm of digital art, the frontier of innovation is ever-expanding. My latest project, "Search For Life," is a testament to this boundless creativity. This generative NFT project not only offers a visual feast of deterministic planets, moons, and rings, but also an odyssey across the cosmos at faster-than-light (FTL) speed through wormholes, leading to a vibrant space backdrop teeming with up to 5,000 galaxies and 30,000 stars, contingent on your device's capability. πŸ”„ Adaptive Evolution in a Digital Cosmos: The universe of "Search For Life" is not static; it's a dynamic entity that scales and evolves with time and technology. A smart framerate throttling and performance monitoring process ensures optimal display based on the rendering constraints of the system it graces, guaranteeing a captivating experience across varied resolutions and aspect ratios. πŸ”’ Infinite Outcomes, Singular Essence: Every invocation of this NFT is a unique journey, thanks to a vast array of possible outcomes generated based on the NFT's TokenID. It’s not merely an art piece; it's a universe in the palm of your hands, each journey fueled by the core essence of exploration and discovery. 🌿 Purpose Beyond Pixels: The journey through this digital cosmos transcends the aesthetic. It's a voyage with a cause. A dedicated 5% of all proceeds and royalties from "Search For Life" are channeled towards tree planting initiatives and carbon avoidance projects globally, underlining a strong commitment to environmental preservation. 🌏 This project is a blend of art and technology, a mirror reflecting our quest for exploration, both in the cosmos and within the digital frontier. As you traverse through the wormholes of "Search For Life," you're not just witnessing art; you're part of a larger narrative, one that intertwines the quest for knowledge with a pledge to nurture the only known habitat we have - our Earth. There is only a 5% chance to spawn an earth-like planet, 50% chance for rings, a 10% chance after rings are spawned to have rainbow rings, up to 3 moons, everything varying in size, tilt, angle, orbit, axial rotation, and more!

Creative Credit

Artist: Jams2Blues Technical Collaboration: ChatGPT from OpenAI Special thanks to ChatGPT for a rigorous month-long collaboration, working diligently to bring this vision to life. Another huge special thanks to the technical support team, and discord community for such amazing support and feedback for a successful realization of this piece!

Display Notes

About the Artwork "Search For Life" is a dynamic NFT that merges art and science, offering a unique cosmic journey. It challenges your views on art, life, and the universe, making each viewing unique.

Scalability & Evolution This NFT evolves in complexity and elements, with up to 5,000 galaxies and 30,000 Nebula Stars. Hitting 'Enter', resizing, or restarting the NFT starts the optimization process for the artwork on your device displaying it, ensuring a high-quality experience.

Deterministic vs. Non-Deterministic Elements Planetary features are based on the NFT's unique hash and remain consistent across platforms. However, screen dimensions and color perception/texture mapping can vary, making some parts non-deterministic, along with star formation and galaxy formation. These parts of the Generative art project are what makes it Deterministic and evolutionary.

Rarity An intricate algorithm defines each NFT's rarity, influenced by features like Earth-like planets, rings, number of moons, planet size, and even some non-earth-like planet colors. Rarity is marked by clovers ('πŸ€'), with ten being the rarest.

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This account was compromised 6/12/2024. I am devistated, have to rebuild. my tez, lukso, and sol accounts are safe. -jams2blues