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Spring came late this year to this part of the world, and it lasted longer than it used to. Endless rains and fresh spring winds nurtured the nature to the extent that it decorated everywhere with a beauty it has never displayed before.

EverSpring is not a work of design; it appeared by itself while working on an algorithm of mine. Constantly hearing the birds' cheerful songs, smelling the varicolored spring flowers and relaxing in the warmth of the Sun, I continued to develop this concept which made me feel even more spring-like.

It was a joy working on EverSpring, but no matter how hard I tried, the algorithm wouldn't let me achieve any other variations as beautiful as the ones I used. As if, it wanted to stay the way it was ever meant to be. Hence, once reaching the form that satisfied me visually, I focused on the beauty and harmony of colors, as it is in unmatchable finesse in the nature itself.

I prepared 18 color palettes for EverSpring, each with 5 main and 5 shade colors. I named them after spring flowers, not necessarily based on how they look or what color they are. Because this spring, all flowers and all colors were merged together in a never-before-seen harmony.

I hope that you will like EverSpring as much as I enjoyed working on it. And I wish you a life as beautiful, as colorful and as peaceful as an everlasting spring.

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Artwork by yenren

NFT License 2.0 / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

#generativeart #genart #nature #spring #flowers

About the artist


Generative Artist / One good act could change the whole universe.

yenren is a self-taught generative artist who re-discovered his passion for drawing and painting from his early childhood times, but this time in generative art.

He stepped into the generative art world at the beginning of 2022 with an empty canvas and no knowledge of how to draw a line on it. He has since released works on various platforms and blockchains like & (Tezos), (Lambda) and (Bitcoin).

For yenren, generative art feels like the ideal way to express his creativity and imagination, and to reflect all the colorful, sometimes bright, sometimes dark mixture in his mind with the world. In generative art, he enjoys the most to let a simple algorithm develop into something totally unexpected. His ultimate goal as a generative artist is to show people things they’ve never seen, to make them think about things they’ve never thought of.